Why is International coffee so expensive in India?

Why is International coffee so expensive in India?

India has grown coffee for a very long time. We have traditionally exported most of our coffee to other coffee-consuming countries. 

As a lot of countries have protectionist policies our country has also had a protectionist policy keeping green coffee in mind. We have a very high import duty on green coffee beans which is the state of coffee before it is roasted this duty is upwards of 100%. Where the basic beauty is 100% and with the GST and social welfare surcharge the effective duty on green coffee becomes 110%. 

So essentially when you walk into your favorite coffee shop and you want to swap your Indian estate blend for an international blender an international single-origin coffee beat from Brazil, Colombia or Kenya you're essentially paying a duty of over 110%. This kind of translates like how you buy an iPhone which is more expensive in India rather than maybe in the middle east or the USA. 

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