Why Should You Set Up a Coffee Corner at Home? | Home Brewer Stories

Why Should You Set Up a Coffee Corner at Home? | Home Brewer Stories

Stepping into your favourite coffeehouse is a wonderful experience. Recreating the same atmosphere in your home can be fantastic. So, how to bring the cafe home? 

You can get started by dedicating an area in your kitchen or any snug spot at home. Then, all you will need is a coffee maker, an accessory or two and you can fill it with your favourite mugs. 

For a personal touch, you can add potted plants, posters and anything that makes you happy. With the basics and some of your cherished possessions, you will have a charming coffee corner of your own. 

5 Benefits of Having a Coffee Corner at Home 

We spoke to a few coffee enthusiasts who have truly amazing home cafe set up, and here are 5 advantages of setting up your own coffee corner. 

1. Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of having a coffee corner at home is the sheer convenience it offers. When you wake up in the morning and stroll over to your personalised coffee station, everything you need to make a great cup of coffee will be within your arm's reach. 

Whether it is a quick espresso before work or a leisurely weekend morning with iced lattes, you need not rush to the nearest coffee shops. 

Shubham Hardwani, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Global Shutter Media and a practising photographer has been a home brewer for 7 years. Over the years, he has built an extraordinary home coffee corner. It is complete with his personal list of must-have accessories. (As seen in the above image)

"My go-to brewing method is Pour Over." He uses a Hario V60 dripper, burr-grinder, an accurate scale, a timer and a gooseneck kettle to achieve satisfying cups of coffee. "I prefer it (gooseneck kettle) for its precise control over brewing variables, resulting in a clean and flavorful cup of coffee." 

While he takes his brewing set up with him during travels, he has built a cosy home brewing corner where he can savour his brews while watching the sunrise. 

This convenience extends beyond just the mornings. If you work from home, a coffee corner can serve as a delightful break room.  

The cosy corner, brewing process and the resulting cup can make an excellent recharge. It is also perfect for those mid-afternoon slumps. 

2. A Personalised Experience 

One of the joys of having a coffee corner at home is the ability to customise your drinks as well as the space to your liking. For Nitin, a stock trader and a home brewer, his coffee space is a secret coffee lab. (As seen in the above image). He started his journey as a weekend home barista, now he is a passionate coffee enthusiast, consultant and educator.

"The favourite part of my coffee corner is definitely the aroma that fills the air when I’m brewing a cup. It creates a cosy and inviting vibe." Nitin speaks fondly about his coffee corner. 

He first purchased an espresso machine, a Delonghi in 2004 and since then, he has devoted himself to the world of coffee. 

To have a personalised coffee corner, the right gadget is essential. "If you are interested in making espresso or milk-based drinks, invest in a good grinder, either a hand or electric grinder. And of course, an espresso machine to make those rich shots of espresso. On the other hand, if you prefer manual brewing methods like Pour Over, a V60 or any flat bottom brewer is a must-have." 

3. A Space for Relaxation 

In today’s fast-paced world, having a dedicated space for relaxation is priceless. A coffee corner can serve exactly this purpose - a retreat within your home. 

The act of brewing and savouring a cup of coffee can be a meditative experience. It can help you slow down and appreciate the small pleasures in life. 

So, add brewers that bring out the best for your palate and decorate it with elements that bring you joy. 

Ruhi Kalra, a Chartered Accountant and a passionate home brewer has a coffee corner by her living room window. (As seen in the above image)

"There is a special story behind every purchase." It is complete with a coffee grinder, 6 different brewing equipment and a beautiful view. "The whole coffee corner is very special to me." She adds. 

4. Improves Social Interactions 

As much as it can make an excellent place for enjoying solitude, a coffee corner is also a great asset for enhancing social interactions. 

One, your coffee corner can become the heart of social gatherings when your friends and family come over. It will be a chance to impress your guests with your barista skills and of course, great brews. 

Two, as a coffee home brewer who likes to evolve continuously, you can be a part of a vibrant community. The Indian home brewing community is diverse and full of enthusiastic people from all across the country; they bond over their shared love of fresh brews.  

At Somethings' Brewing, we are proud to have played a key role in nurturing this growth of thousands of home brewers through workshops, events and online and offline gatherings. 

Whether you are a novice enthusiast or a seasoned aficionado, being part of this community allows you to engage with like-minded individuals who are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. 

Shubham Hardwani values being a part of the home brewing community. He adds excitedly, "They provide valuable insights, share recipes, and foster a sense of camaraderie among coffee enthusiasts." 

5. Significant Cost Savings 

Frequent visits to coffee shops can quickly add up, both in terms of time and money. By setting up a coffee corner at home, you can significantly reduce your expenditure. 

The initial investment in a good coffee maker or espresso machine might seem substantial. Nonetheless, it pays off in the long run. Purchasing coffee beans or grounds, milk and flavour syrups is far more economical than buying individual drinks every day or every week. 

Moreover, you have control over the quality and quantity of your ingredients. With a coffee corner, you are not only saving money but also indulging in a mindful experience. 

Nitin, the weekend home barista shares his words of advice for someone who is starting to build their coffee corner. "My advice would be to start simple. Invest in a good grinder and quality beans, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Your perfect cup of coffee is out there waiting for you to discover it." 

Final Takeaway 

Having a coffee corner at home offers several benefits, from providing a personal retreat to fostering social connections. It is not just a corner of your home— it's a gateway to a world of fresh brews, recreation and connection. 

So, pick a spot, create your own coffee retreat and take your coffee home brewing journey to the next level. 


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