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What it’s like to Date a Coffee Addict

They are the perfect Netflix date

They are always ready to watch just “one more episode” with you, given the constant caffeine running through their veins. Sure, you might have to peel them off the walls sometimes, but it’s really better than Netflix-ing with someone who falls asleep 10 minutes in!

They will go to bed dreaming of the glorious first cup

You might be cuddling in bed, wondering if they’re dreaming about your future home and babies, but odds are they are thinking about how they will tweak their coffee order tomorrow. Don’t let this upset you too much. 

Easy to shop for

Looking to brighten their day? Speciality coffee beans. Birthday? Coffee maker. Did something wrong and need to make up for it? A new coffee gadget! (We’re thinking an AeroPress?) It only gets easier, really.

You will be judged on your coffee order. 

Remember you are what you drink; and ordering a decaf or a frappuccino might come with a side-eye or the dreaded “talk”.

They are patient

Trust us when we say this. If they can wait for hours till their coffee brews, they are patient enough to wait for you too. Take the time you need, finish your makeup, catch the football highlights, change outfits 10 times over…

Mentioning a favourite coffee might be like discussing religion or politics.

Tempers will rise, feelings will be hurt. Nobody ever really leaves these conversations happy, so the question to ask is this: is it really worth it?

They spend hours at the local cafe

If you’re wondering why your partner hasn’t responded to your text for the last… 10 hours, don’t worry! They’ve probably made a home in the corner of their favourite cafe, getting work done while drinking several piping hot cups of coffee.

Sleep can be a problem

There is no such thing as “too late” for coffee. You’ve been informed that this is in fact, a myth. Let’s hope they apologise in advance for all the restless twisting and turning. 

It’s a cheap date

What’s better than walking to your neighbourhood cafe or going on a drive with a well brewed cuppa? Any activity with coffee becomes a date as long as you stop to enjoy the moment!

You might not be able to enjoy regular coffee anymore

You will be the happiest when they ruin instant coffee for you. They’ll make you try new blends and brews and you’ll start to discover what notes you enjoy the most.

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