Do you ever walk into a cafe with a clear order in mind, only to second guess yourself the closer you get to the counter? Yes it’s true that we like to blame everything on mercury being in retrograde — but don’t stress too much. Thankfully, you can always count on the cosmos (and our list) to determine your next cup of Joe.


You fight the good fight, Aries; and you need a strong cup of coffee to get you going through the day. You’re a leader and can be aggressive (sorry, not sorry), so get a coffee that can keep up with you. A strong espresso will give you that hit of instant gratification that you crave for.


Yes, we know that your thing is embracing luxury. We also know that you love the presentation, so why not go for a coffee that, like you, is a bit bougie and Instagrammable? A cold brew iced coffee in a mason jar will have you feel at ease. 


It’s time for the Twins to shine. You’re the social butterflies of the zodiac who like variety and crave something different each time. We’re thinking about something a little sweet, a little strong. Did someone order a seasonal pumpkin spiced latte?


Home is wherever you are! You are a creature of comfort who really just wants to snuggle on the couch, watch an old film and reach peak coziness. Indulge in the familiar and find nostalgia in a mug of hot chocolate!


You’re the centre of your own universe and need a drink that can meet you on that level. You love everything trendy and being in the know; and an espresso martini is extra enough to make you stand out. 


Did someone call a barista? Well, it certainly wasn’t you. You’re certainly not going to brag about it, but you like to know where your coffee comes from, and how to brew it best. An at-home, fair trade certified or organic cup of java is your drink. Don’t forget your reusable to-go mug on the way out!


The planet of beauty, Venus, lends you a sweet tooth. You’re a charmer, romantic and often in some kind of love affair. The sweet simplicity of a vanilla latte mirrors your warm nature and is the perfect way to start a conversation.


The mysterious brooders of the zodiac, you need a coffee that is just as dark and twisty as you are. Keep those secrets sealed behind a shot of ristretto — a espresso that is extracted with the same amount of coffee but half the water. The result is a drink as intense and complex as you are.


While you continue to travel around the world dreaming about your next vacation, make sure you’re prepared for anything with a latte macchiato by your side. This is perfect for your adventurous spirit and your fast-paced, go-getter lifestyle.


You are the person everyone hopes to be paired up with on a group project. A no-fuss cold brew promises to keep you going when you stay up super-late doing homework because you were busy all day heading every after-school activity. More power to you, Cap! Not that you need it. 


You’re not conventional, Aquarius. We get it. We get that you simply must attend the environmental rally and stand up for a cause that nobody has heard of. You might need a green tea latte to go with that, though. A drink to match your unconventional personality.


Find yourself a coffee that’s stuck up in the clouds, just like you. Life is but a dream and an affogato is perfect for your sensitive, vibrant soul. Who said ice cream is only for dessert anyway? Just as long as it’s over a shot of espresso to keep you grounded!