The Different Kinds of Coffee - A Beginner’s Guide

The Different Kinds of Coffee - A Beginner’s Guide

Around the world, millions of people slurp coffee to their heart's content. From driving through cafes to emptying coffee pre-mixes in their cup, each person prefers their own way of consuming coffee. In India too, people have found multiple ways to appease their coffee palette.

In this article, we will walk you through 5 ways people enjoy the flavour of coffee.


1. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is the regular coffee - we empty the coffee packet into a cup, add water, milk and sugar to taste. It is made from the dried coffee extract obtained from brewed coffee. There are many types of instant coffee including frozen coffee capsules which lets you enjoy coffee hot or iced within seconds.

People worldwide, especially in India like instant coffee owing to its convenience. It is often the first point where coffee lovers start their long, delightful journey. In recent times, however, home brewing culture is blooming in India. Coffee lovers are choosing conscious and consistent coffee over convenience.

Why Should You Try Instant Coffee?

  • Quick, easy preparation
  • Does not require any coffee gears
  • Easily available

2. Filter Coffee

Who can resist a cup of filter coffee that fills the room with a strong aroma? Indian filter coffee is made by mixing coffee decoction with frothed and boiled milk. The decoction is obtained from brewing finely ground coffee via percolation.

Popular among restaurants and street-side food in Southern India, the coffee is served in traditional tumbler and dabara set. The blended chicory adds to the overall taste of the coffee.

Why Should You Try Filter Coffee?

  • Unique, home-grown tastes and flavours
  • Simple brewing technique
  • Easy availability


3. Ready to Drink Coffee

RTD coffees or ready-to-drink coffee comes pre-made in a can, bottle or tetra packs. Typically, RTDs are refrigerated cold brew coffee yet you can find flavoured coffee, Frappuccino’s and chilled latte as well.

The convenience and variety of RTDs have people world-over reaching out for a bottle. Many young coffee lovers in metro cities prefer a can of cold brew over brewing manually.

Why Should You Try Ready to Drink Coffee?

  • Super convenient
  • No brewing or boiling water required
  • A wide variety of flavours for you to choose from

4. Coffee Blended Beverages

Technically, coffee blended beverages are not coffee, but it is something people enjoy. They are iced drinks with either instant coffee or freshly brewed coffee as an ingredient. For example, a vanilla frappuccino is a blended coffee beverage. It is made with vanilla extracts, milk and espresso.

It's frothy, cold and has a prominent coffee flavour. So, no wonder many folks enjoy frappe, frappuccino and other blended coffee beverages.

Why Should You Try Coffee Blended Beverages?

  • Delicious variety of beverages
  • Available on cafes and restaurants
  • Flavour of coffee


5. Freshly Brewed Coffee

Coffee brewed right before drinking is Freshly Brewed Coffee. It is either brewed with pre-ground coffee or freshly ground coffee. Generally made from better quality beans, freshly brewed coffee tastes better than instant coffee.

Freshly brewed coffee is not contaminated by air or moisture. So, it has a fresher smell and better taste. Although it requires a bit of extra effort, many coffee lovers have taken to home brewing.

Why Should You Try Freshly Brewed Coffee?

  • Better way to unlock and enjoy complex coffee flavours
  • Opportunity to try various coffee roasters
  • A ritualistic process to look forward to

Parting Lines

If you have been hesitant to include coffee in your daily life, here’s a sign to start your journey. Coffee is a versatile drink, so there is something for everybody and you can find yours!

We can make coffee as simple and straightforward as we like or turn it into a routine with multiple steps to enjoy the 'me time'.

Also, coffee can be more than a beverage. Owing to its health benefits, it is used as a base in baking, candle-making, healing therapies, skin care and cosmetics.

So, with coffee there’s no limit to how creative you can get. What is your preferred way to drink coffee?

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