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Gifting ideas for a coffee geek

We all have that one snob in our lives that cannot function without coffee. Coffee aficionados make the best people to shop for because there are so many trendy and stylish coffee gifts these days. With so many coffee makers available out there, looking for a good one can be challenging. Here is the key to your dilemma!

  • Coffee on-the-go kit

This combination is carefully put together for those who want their dose of coffee always on the go.
Brewing coffee on the go? This compact kit will help you brew your coffee, just about anywhere and sip it in an aesthetic yet functional mug. An award-winning design of The Delter Coffee Press is lightweight, portable, and durable. It is highly functional and gives you a personal brewing experience anywhere. The brim of the carter mug has a circumference as big as your coffee mug, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and taste at the same time. This combination is carefully put together for those who want their dose of coffee always on the go.



  • Serious coffee drinkers tool kit

This combination is carefully put together for coffee lovers that want a mess-free brewing experience.
Want to gift a compact coffee brewing experience? The serious coffee drinkers toolkit looks after the needs from grinding to brewing your coffee. The Cafflano Krinder promises grind consistency with precision-cut steel burrs. Its unique design, functionality, light-weight make it easier to carry around. AeroPress helps you brew your coffee just right about anywhere!



A smart coffee brewing instrument, offering three brewing methods
Gina by Goat Story offers a simplistic coffee brewing experience minus the fussy set-up. The Gina coffee maker comes with a nice and stable steel frame with an award-winning design. It integrates three brewing methods- the French press, Pour over, and Cold Drip. The precision valve is Gina’s secret to the versatility that takes complete control of the flow and allows you to adjust the drip speed. Gina is made of high-end ceramic glass. It is an ideal instrument for both cold drip coffee and cold brews that can satisfy the caffeine lovers' cravings to the core.



For those who want to be their own Barista
Do you crave a mouthful of delicious coffee at any time of the day? Wacaco’s Nanopresso is compact and sleek, perfect while car-camping, living on the road, or traveling for work. It is an innovative icon most creative and innovative portable espresso machines. Its patented pumping system produces unparalleled coffee quality, almost what home espresso machines can deliver. This cool gear is carefully put together for those coffee geeks who want to invest in something legendary and innovative- the art and science of coffee.
Bring style to coffee drinking
Here’s a sleek and quirky travel mug for your coffee! The Goat Story Mug is a charmer, its revolutionary ergonomic shape lets you drink the last sip of your coffee due to its incline is supported by an easy to flip lid. Its unique horn-shaped coffee mug brings style to your coffee drinking. Made with high-quality BPA-free material, your hot cuppa stay warms for a longer period, allowing you to enjoy the last sip as fresh as your first one. When you are not drinking coffee, you can use this eco-friendly, sustainable mug to store your coffee beans.
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