Different types of home coffee brewer, which one is right for you

Different types of home coffee brewer, which one is right for you

Manual brewing equipments have been around for quite a few years now, they are reasonably priced and fairly easy to get familiar with. But with all these options out there its bound to be confusing for you to understand which one works best for you. To help you make a choice we have listed down a few to get you started on your coffee journey.

Finum One Cup

Quick and easy, the finum one cup is a great way to start on your coffee journey. Brewed with full immersion, the finum one cup just requires a scoop of ground coffee and some hot water. The first of its kind in the world which allows you to brew directly in the cup. The beauty of this device is that it doesn’t require any electricity or coffee capsules, just hot water and your favourite ground coffee and one cup coffee filter which is made with compostable paper which is 100% natural. Just add hot water once the filter and coffee is attached to the mount and placed in the cup for roughly 3 minutes. Leave it longer if you want a more heavy bodied taste or shorted if you wish to have more lighter and blooming flavours.


Newest kid on the block, the delter press brewing keep the water and coffee separate. The hot water is forced through the plunger which is holding your coffee, very similar to an espresso machine. The most interesting part of the delter press is the jet seal. It sprays over the water over the coffee and offers really impressive distribution which helps in extracting all the flavours from the coffee, something that is definitely missing from a lot of other brewers.

The markings on the delter press helps with accurate brewing and since it’s not a full immersion brew the need for a gooseneck kettle is moot. One of the biggest challenges that the delter press has been able to solve is the amount of extraction you can get, with the help of the water chamber you can easily refill the water and make as much coffee as you wish to the ratios are definitely something you can play around with. 

Hario V60 Set

An affordable and delicious way of brewing coffee within your own home and can make 1-4 cups of coffee at a time. This brewing method requires a paper filter and is very easy to use. The ratio can be played around with, depending on what’s best tasting to you. It easy to use, easier to clean and can brew both hot and iced coffees. All you need is the Hario V60 cone, filter paper, hot water and freshly ground coffee and you’re ready to brew. One of the most renowned brewing methods around the world, the hario v60 is a great investment if you want smooth delicious tasty coffee every time for the coffee connoisseurs out there.

Varia Multibrewer

Talk about an all in one brewer, the Varia Multibrewer gives you an option of brewing The Moka Pot, V60, Cold Brew, Kettle, Tea Pot and a French Press. One of the world’s most versatile brewers has the ability to brew quality brew whichever way you wish to. The versatility of this brewer can help you cover all the basics of brewing. With all the brewing methods that are mentioned, cleaning the varia is simple. Just run it under some warm water and makes sure it’s all dried out before keeping it. Across all the brewing method , it’s pretty dependable, can work as a travel brewer and looks great.

Finum Bloom & Drip

Not only does the sleek design look amazing, the finum bloom and drip is also environmentally friendly. With premium quality materials and borosilicate glass you know it’s built to last. It allows you to make a fresh cup of coffee without the use of electricity allowing you to extract maximum flavours. The filter papers traps the oil in coffee highlighting the acidity and various others flavours in the coffee to shine. The shape of the dripper allows the water to extract coffee in a controlled manner with less channelling which in turn makes your coffee very flavourful. 

Fellow Pour over Dripper Stagg X

The Fellow Pour Over dripper comes along with a ratio aid, the single dot will tell you exactly how much coffee you need in order to make one cup of coffee, and the double is for the carafe. In a medium grind the brewer has lesser surface area which helps in two ways:

One keeps the water hotter while brewing and the other is that it holds the water and coffee in very close quarters which helps extracts more flavour from the coffee. The dripper is vacuum insulated which helps in retaining heat and keeps your coffee hotter for a longer amount if time.

Hario French Press

The French press, probably one of the oldest brewer from the list is a no nonsense coffee brewer. All you need is hot water and ground coffee and you’re good to go. The French press is a full immersion brewer which helps make heavy bodied coffee s which can definitely help wake up. The glass body helps retain the heat and the steel mesh filters out even fine coffee grinds. It’s fairly simple to use a french press, just add hot water and coffee and let it steep for 4 minutes. What you will get after filtering it out is a steaming hot cup of coffee to get you through the day. 

It doesn’t matter what device you choose, being a consistent brewer is what will help you make a better cup of coffee every day. So what are you waiting for?

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