Burr Grinders: Why you need one & what’s on our radar

Burr Grinders: Why you need one & what’s on our radar

Before we get into details about which burr grinder should be your next investment, let’s understand why you need a grinder to begin with. Simply put, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment to get you started with your home coffee bar. This would mean that you always get fresh coffee, ground to the particle size that would fit your brew best.
Now let’s understand what makes a burr grinder so special.

Better taste
The chief advantage of a burr espresso processor is that it grinds beans to uniform particle size. This makes for a perfect cup of espresso, eludes clogging problems, and gives you the flexibility to grind beans to the coarseness or fineness that best suits the sort of espresso or coffee maker you are consuming.

Grind consistency
Breaking your beans down into evenly sized pieces will ensure even extraction. Your burr grinder will ensure that the grind size is consistent, to avoid over or under extracted grounds that can give sour or bitter flavours to your brew.

Grinders on our radar:

Cafflano Krinder: The manual grinder is an extremely light precision metal-burr coffee grinder. Cafflano Krinder offers the best grind consistency by deploying a plain-bearing structure with precision-cut steel burrs at an affordable price.

1zpresso: Without the need for electricity, you can easily grind your favorite coffee beans and enjoy a fresh brew at home or on your next big adventure to wherever you may end up! We particularly like this one, because unlike electric coffee grinders, this mini hand-powerhouse can be easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning.
Eureka Mignon Perfetto Grinder: This grinder will definitely take your brew up a few notches. The rubber mounts and insulation inside a thick metal case keep operation quiet, making this a great addition to your smart home. It also packs in a host of Eureka's integral innovations, like a grind-saving lower burr adjust, programmable dosing, their ACE anti-clumping system, and an anti-static finish along its grind path.

Ode grinder: With 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and a unique single dose load bin for maximum bean freshness, Ode brings the café experience into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.
A burr grinder is designed for transforming your coffee experience inside-out. These beauties aren’t too heavy on the pocket and are typically easy to travel with, making this a good place to start.

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