Burr grinders vs blade grinders: which one to go for?

Burr grinders vs blade grinders: which one to go for?

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you have likely heard about the significance of buying a coffee grinder. Here is one dilemma people face after they begin shopping for a coffee grinder - Which coffee grinder is the best? The answer is always simple: burrs do it better. Here are all the crucial factors to consider when buying a coffee grinder.

How do they work?
Burr grinders have a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface between which the coffee beans get crushed. The two kinds of burr grinders - conical and flat, come with unique features that ultimately change your brew quality.

Conical Burr
These are industry-grade devices, meaning you can grind a large amount with them. It uses less energy and generates less heat, thus creating a consistent, pure grind time and time again. It has one cone-shaped center burr sitting inside an outer serrated burr, crushing coffee beans in-between. One drawback of these devices is inconsistency in grind size. It has a +- 1gm variation due retention.

Flat Burr
We at Somethings Brewing are fans of well crafted Flat Burrs. Two ring-shaped serrated burrs trap the coffee beans between them until they turn into even-sized grounds. When all your coffee particles are the same size, it creates a smooth-flavored brew, allowing more room for creativity. However, these can be a little noisier than their counterparts and generate excess heat.

Blade Grinders
Professional baristas look down upon these things, but newbies in the coffee world might prefer them due to their affordable price. These machines chop the coffee beans like a regular food processor. They also generate heat and give out an uneven grind (yes, more inconsistent than a conical burr.)

Finally, how do you decide?
Do you need the grinder for commercial use or homebrewing?
A conical electric burr grinder is likely the best for commercial use because it gives you everything: speed, (kind of) uniform grind, less noise.

A manual flat burr grinder works well for homebrewing purposes, especially if you want an authentic barista experience. If coffee is nothing more than a mandatory everyday beverage, then blade grinders are for you. They are the most affordable grinders out there, but you will lose out on some of the coffee goodness.

As a final note, consider factors like consistency, taste, affordability, control, convenience, durability, and speed when looking for a coffee grinder. Choose the quality you prioritize the most, explore a little, and you'll stumble upon a perfect device for your kitchen!
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