Budan Espresso Machine is a People’s Choice. Here’s Why

Budan Espresso Machine is a People’s Choice. Here’s Why

Getting an espresso machine at home is a dream come true for many coffee enthusiasts. Even though espresso machines are pricey, in the long run they prove to be absolutely worth it.  So, no wonder people are increasingly investing in these machines.

Given the rising demand in the country, there are plenty of options available in the market. So, which machine should you go for?

In this article, we will walk you through one of India's best and fast-selling espresso machines - the Budan Espresso Machine.

Home-Brewers on Simplifying Home-Brewing

Espresso machines can be intimidating for beginners, but for Nikunj Tyagi the user interface was made very simple by Budan. He says the learning curve is very less with this machine and adds it is "good for entry level."

Although there are many options, only a few of the Espresso Machines are budget friendly. A downside to budget-friendly espresso machines is that it may lack certain crucial features. That’s where Budan, as a brand, stands out. Aayush Malik has been a home brewer since 2017. He was looking for a budget friendly Espresso Machine and his friend suggested him the Budan Espresso Machine. Now, he is using the machine and some of the features he likes the most are Timer, the 58 mm basket and the blind basket that comes with the machine. He also enjoys how easy-to-use the machine is.

Sunil Kalmath, on the other hand, has been using an espresso machine for 8 years. He switched to Budan Espresso Machine when he discovered Something's Brewing on social media. Earlier he used to use a stop watch and now he makes full use of the machine's timer.

Above all, a good espresso machine should provide you with greater control over your coffee. "The fact that I can control my espresso shots." Says Dr Devapriya Sanyala who bought the machine when her friend suggested her. "The frothing of the milk bit. I am perfectly happy with my machine so I am not sure that I would want to buy another product." 

A Quick Look at the Budan Espresso Machine

There are several espresso machines in the market that will whip up cappuccinos and lattes. However, only a handful of them can brew exceptional espresso and help you make cafe-like beverages at home. Budan Espresso Machine is one among them. Plus, it comes packed with features that makes home-brewing a breeze.

The espresso machine comes with a micro-computer-controlled thermoblock which aids in steam and hot water generation. This means instant heating. So, you can plug in and start brewing in less than a minute.

The machine is super-easy to use. Even if you are not a trained barista, you can start using it after watching a demo or two.

It has 4 simple buttons that will allow you to make the most out of the machine. It is a power button, a brew button, a hot water and a steam button. There is also a knob to control the pressure of the steam.

The machine includes a pressure gauge and a timer which is quite hard to find in its price range. You can use these features to control the flow of espresso better.

Furthermore, it comes with removable drip trays, a cup warmer and an in-built water tank. The full-sized portafilter also allows you to brew double shots of espresso.

Final Takeaway

If you are looking to invest in an Espresso Maker, then Budan Espresso Machine is undoubtedly an excellent choice. In addition to helping you brew great coffee in the comfort of your home, the machine is easy to clean and maintain.

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