Best espresso machines to start your home brewing journey

Best espresso machines to start your home brewing journey

A steaming shot of espresso is a lovely way to start your morning, especially when its brewed in the comfort of your home with a great espresso machine. We at Somethings Brewing are here with a list of machines we have our eyes on!

Solis Perfetta Plus
List Price: INR 44,999/-
The Barista Perfetta Plus Black is a compact elegant machine enabling you to customise your perfect cup of coffee. This compact appliance requires only little space, making it perfectly suitable for even the smallest kitchen.

Budan Espresso Machine
List Price: INR 24,999/-
The compact and powerful Budan Espresso Machine comes with an Italian pump to ensure optimal brewing pressure, where the brew time can be adjusted based on your needs. A microcomputer controlled thermoblock aids in steam and hot water generation, with stainless steel heaters, and a great steam delivery, ensuring amazing froth quality and consistency with each brew.

Rancilio Silvia V6
List Price: INR 74,999/-
The pleasure of a perfect professional espresso is at your fingertips any time of the day. Influenced by modern design, Rancilio Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and features a 15 bar heavy duty pump.

Lelit Anita with PID boiler
List Price: INR 73,999/-
Create luscious lattes, creamy cappuccinos, and other café-style drinks to impress your guests with the Anita coffee machine from LELIT. Making cafe-quality coffee requires freshly ground coffee, a machine that can produce great espresso to cold brews, and sufficient steam pressure to produce nice textured micro-foam steamed milk. Lelit Anita delivers all these features in an attractive and well-built home coffee machine.

La Marzocco Linea Mini
List Price: INR 4,70,000/-
Bring the world’s most iconic espresso maker to your kitchen with the La Marzocco Linea Mini Coffee Machine. Designed for home baristas who aim for performance, features powerful dual boilers, a saturated group head, and a commercial-quality build which will enable you to bring an Italian cafe to your home.

A delicious shot of espresso is also an imperative aspect to making other coffee-based beverages, like a cappuccino or even an espresso martini. These espresso machines in India are handy options to upgrade your brews!

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