5 Elements to Set-Up Your Home Coffee Counter

5 Elements to Set-Up Your Home Coffee Counter

Imagine coming home to a space dedicated to coffee, your own personal cafe!

In our kitchen, we can always carve out a little nook dedicated to all things coffee. While we have all the aesthetics envisioned, its functionality is highly imperative. For some placing a coffee brewer on the kitchen counter will do the job. And then some of us are passionate about our brews, that need time and all tools to perfect our cup of coffee.

A coffee counter is an investment. It needs to be well thought through and quality will always pay off in the long run. Always build from the basics and then ascend to finer equipment.

Here are 5 elements that will bring together a well-strategised and functional home coffee counter.


1. Burr Grinder – For that ritualistic home-brewing

Burr grinders have a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface between which the coffee beans get crushed. These are industry-grade devices, meaning you can grind a large amount with them. It uses less energy and generates less heat, thus creating a consistent, pure grind time and time again. It has one cone-shaped center burr sitting inside an outer serrated burr, crushing coffee beans in between. As a final note, consider factors like consistency, taste, affordability, control, convenience, durability, and speed when looking for a coffee grinder.


2. Kettle – To fulfill everything

When setting up a home coffee bar, the kettle is often overlooked. A controlled pouring and extraction go hand in hand with consistency. A gooseneck kettle gives you control over your pour speed. One can achieve a consistent pour, by saturating your coffee grounds evenly with water for even extraction. Although some may feel that adding a gooseneck kettle to the gadget cabinet isn't suggested, a gooseneck kettle boils water like any other kettle and ensures a steady and controlled pour. Thanks to its long and narrow spout. The odd spout shape of the gooseneck kettle exercises significant control for PourOver brewing. This added control leads to a consistent cup day in and day out.

3. Weighing Scale – Make no mistake

Measure your coffee grounds.

You may ask, why scale? Isn't it getting way too obsessive? Brewing good coffee is always a conscious choice one makes. The first step to preparing good coffee is knowing how many grams of coffee we need. Weighing grounds on a scale will eventually be a one-way street, and the quality of the final brew improves significantly. Forget measuring spoons, it's time to use a weighing scale to measure every recipe for your kitchen!


4. Brewer – The star of the show

Investing in a first brewer or upgrading to another one, we must choose a brewer that we enjoy brewing our coffee in. Brewing coffee is equally exciting as drinking it.

Manual brewers or coffee machines have been around for quite a few years. A lot of them are reasonably priced and easy to get familiar with. If are confused about which one works best for you, visit www.somethingsbrewing.in and speak to one of our coffee experts to guide you through the process.


5. Whole Beans – For the wholesome coffee

When we are setting up a coffee bar, whole beans are essential. Whole beans stay fresh longer and brew flavourful coffees. Storing these beans in a vacuum, air-tight container extends their shelf life and keeps them fresh longer. It is suggested to buy fresh coffee from your favourite roaster and grind them fresh before each cup.


Final Takeaway

Well, the list does not end there...one can include a milk pitcher, coffee scoop, syrups, spice boxes, mugs, and more.

Once the functional side of the coffee bar is taken care of, jazzing it up with accessories is a personal choice. Setting up your home coffee corner should be as fun as brewing your coffee!

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