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4 Ways to Froth Milk at Home

There’s a lot of ways in which you might be completely self reliant. You might bake your own cookies and take yourself out on dates. That aside, it might be time to admit that the one thing your corner-cafe barista has that you probably don’t — is the ability to perfectly froth and texturise milk in a jiffy. Elaborate espresso machines with steam wands cost a pretty penny, and we’re here to tell you how you can get luxurious pillows of milky foam at home: no fancy machine required.

The French Press Method

These beauties have many uses in our pantry — everything from brewing coffee, tea to even frothing up milk! Pour cold milk in and push the plunger 20-30 times to find the milk doubling in size. Next, place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to stabilise the froth. Scoop it out of the press and enjoy! Be careful not to use the plunger too many times or you risk the froth becoming stiff, or even spilling over.

The Mason Jar Method

Start by pouring cold milk into a mason jar or any container with a lid, and get shaking! Turn on your favourite song and have fun with it. Large bubbles should appear in about a minute. Next, remove the lid and place it in the microwave and voila! Pour this over your coffee and enjoy.

The Blending Method

Warm your milk and bring the electric mixer out! You can use a regular hand-mixer, a blender or even whisk by hand. While using this method, be sure to slowly raise the blender head into the air slightly; until you hear a “fizzling” sound. This means that air is being pushed into the milk: which will create the froth.

The Pulling Method

We like things here old school here so you might want to try the tried and testing pulling method. This basically involves you pouring the milk from one container to another, and you add more air the more times you do this. This technique will increase the volume but it may not give you drier micro foam.

What type of milk works best?

Lactose intolerance does not mean that you should not enjoy a delicious latte! Dairy free alternatives like Almond and Soy Milk give great results too.

Always start with iced cold milk and heat it up in a microwave after you have frothed it up. This will ensure that the foam doesn’t melt away in a few moments.

Higher fat percentage in your milk makes it heavier; therefore pushing bubbles down. Lower fat percentage will give you more foam, so looking for Skim or 2% milk might be a good idea.

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