10 different ways to brew coffee at home

10 different ways to brew coffee at home

We all have our somber days and want to reach out to something comforting. Especially now, when we are working from home, we are all on double duty. Imagine how we have started appreciating that one cup of coffee that brings in so much ease. The aroma and crema of freshly brewed coffee pass a wave of comfort to the body. 

But how many times have we realized that the cup is nothing like the one available at the café around the block? Luckily the market is flooded with some great coffee makers that are easy to use and extract coffee just about the same as a café. Luckily different ways to make coffee at home have revolutionized over the years. If you are a coffee enthusiast looking for different ways to brew coffee at home, read on.

1. Pour Over (Drip Method- V60)

This is a traditional way of brewing coffee. In this simple method of brewing coffee, hot water is poured over evenly spread ground coffee on a paper filter or a coffee cone. Brewed coffee passes through the ground coffee and drips into the collecting pot.

Grind size: Medium fine

Brew time: 2-3 min

Ratio: 1:15

Flavour: Fruity and balanced



2. Pour Over (Chemex)

For centuries now, this method has only been mastered by a chosen few. Well, the chosen few are too many now. Brewing through chemex can surely help you flaunt your coffee-making skills.  To make coffee, wet the filter and add the coffee grounds. Now pour hot water slowly and let the brewed coffee drip into the pot.  

Grind size: Medium fine

Brew time: 2 to 3 min

Ratio: 1:15

Flavour: Fruity, like tea


3. French Press

Invented sometime during the early 19th century, it is known to be one the fastest method of brewing top-quality coffee. In the French press pot, the coarsely ground coffee is steeped in boiling water and then strained through a simple plunge. This diffuses all the oils, antioxidants, and caffeine to infuse into the purest flavors. 

Grind size: Coarse

Brew time: 3 to 4 min

Ratio: 1:10

Flavour: Bold, Full-bodied



4. Aero Press

One of the Gen X innovations in the coffee brewing culture, this is a  cool way of brewing coffee, anywhere. Playing with all the dynamics of physics, Aeropress brews coffee pressure. When coffee grounds are steeped in hot water and a plunger is pressed down to create a high level of pressure, intensely flavoured coffee is extracted 

Grind size: Medium FIne

Brew time: 2 – 2.5 min

Ratio: 1:15

Flavour: Sweet, balanced

5. Delter Press

The major difference between an AeroPress and Delter Coffee Press is its brewing method. AeroPress uses the immersion method of brewing whereas Delter Coffee Press uses injection brewing. With its patented ‘Jet Seal’ that separates the coffee bed from water until the pressure is applied for brewing. Once the plunger is pushed, the jet holes evenly inject water through the coffee.

Grind size: Medium fine

Brew time: 1 to 2 min

Ratio: 1:15

Flavour: sweet, espresso-style, full-bodied


6. Moka Pot

Brew coffee the Italian way with a Moka Pot. Italians brewed their coffee originally in a Moka Pot 80 years ago. Invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, Moka Pot uses steam pressure from the hot water which passes through the lower section of the pot with coffee grounds to extract every inch of flavour from the beans.

Grind size: Fine

Brew time: 2.5 to 3 min

Ratio: 1:3

Flavour: Heavy-bodied, espresso like



7. Siphon

Invented during 18th century in Germany, it is the most interesting-looking apparatus. Contrary to its intimidating looks, using a Siphon to brew coffee is a fun process. The coffee grounds go in the upper vessel and the pressure created by hot water immerses the grounds completely. When the pressure is removed, the gravity does its job and pushes the brew through the filter into the cup.    

Grind size: Medium 

Brew time: 6 mins

Ratio: 1:15

Flavour: Delicate and Subtle


8. Espresso Maker

With espresso turning into a serious affair at home, markets are flooded with age-old espresso makers for home. Espresso Makers use mechanisms of brewing via pressure. 

Grind size:

Brew time: 18 to 24 seconds

Ratio: 1:3

Flavour: Balanced and bittersweet.

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