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Solis Blue & Solis grinder Combo

Solis Blue & Solis grinder Combo

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Rs. 84,999.00



Solis Perfetta Plus Blue Combo
The Barista Perfetta Plus Blue is a compact elegant machine enabling you to customize your perfect cup of coffee. This compact appliance requires only a little space, making it perfectly suitable for even the smallest kitchen. A product developed with a passion for coffee to get the best out of every single coffee bean. The perfect tool to create coffee as a real barista does. The Ideal coffee maker machine for the home.


  • Integrated Manometer: The manometer makes it easier to check the extraction pressure for a well-balanced cup of coffee.
  • 360° Steam / Hot Water Wand: Use the hot water function to prepare an Americano, Long black or other hot beverages.
  • Coffee in 40 Seconds: This machine is ready to use in just 40 seconds and provides a perfect, stable brewing temperature.
  • Professional Steam Wand: Create the best latte art or a delicious cappuccino by frothing milk with the professional steam wand.
  • Low-Pressure Pre-Infusion: Freshly ground coffee is first gently moistened at low pressure to prepare it for an even extraction.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Selection between 3 automatic stops and energy-saving mode to save resources.
  • Programming & Reminder Functions: The machine has programming and several reminder functions for different time interval settings and temperature settings.
  • 54 mm Filter Inserts: Including pressurised and non-pressurised filters for 1 and 2 cups and a filter for E.S.E. servings.
  • Italian-Style Espresso Pump: The Italian-style espresso pump operates with a pressure of 15 bar to enable the ideal extraction.
  • Notification for Maintenance: Reminds to change the water filter, descale and clean the brewing unit. Includes automatic cleaning programmes.
  • 1.7-Litre Water Tank: The large tank holds up to 1.7 litres of water and can easily be removed from the back to re-fill water, replace the filter or clean it.

Solis Scala Zero Static - Black
Make freshly ground coffee for all kinds of coffee preparations from filter coffee to café crème to real espresso. The grinder Solis Scala Zero Static also features 24 different grind settings and conical grinding burrs made of hardened stainless steel that effortlessly grind whole coffee beans. Its advanced ZeroStatic technology offers many benefits: by eliminating static charge of ground coffee, the waste of ground coffee is reduced, enhancing dosing consistency/precision and leaving your kitchen counter tidy and clean. The low speed of the double reduction gear unit allows for particularly aroma-friendly grinding


  • 24 Grind Settings : The Solis Scala Zero Static grinds your favourite coffee beans quickly and easily into the right blend.
  • Large Bean Container : The large bean container offers space for up to 300 grams of coffee beans, which is enough for an average of 40 delicious cups of coffee.
  • ZeroStatic Technology : The built-in ion generator eliminates static charge that is created during grinding, reducing ground coffee waste and enhancing dosing consistency/precision.
  • Best Bean Quality : The bean container is hermetically sealed, preserving the quality and aroma of the coffee beans.
  • Adjustable Grind Settings : There are 24 different, easily adjustable grind settings from fine for espresso to coarse for filter coffee.
  • Hidden Storage : A useful storage compartment in the base of the appliance hides unused cable, making your kitchen counter look tidy and neat.
  • Start/Stop Button
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Premium Grinding Burrs
  • Overheating Protection
  • BPA-Free Plastic Parts
  • Stone Damage Protection