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Best Brewed As - Pour Over, French Press, Siphon, Moka Pot

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The Coffee

s.795 varietal that is grown and ripened between 1100 ~ 1200m, with cocoa characteristics. they were grown with intercrops such as cardamom, and areca nut. s.795 was developed in the 1940s, using ‘kents’ arabica, known for its high quality. they yield bold beans, superior quality, and a balanced cup with subtle flavor notes of mocca. these beans spend up to 36 hours soaked in the wet fermentation process, at chikmagalur, karnataka. the peaberry or pb standard is to signify that the green beans are big enough to not pass through an oblong sieve (no.12 oblong) of 4.75 mm screen. basically, this coffee used to be a deformity and thrown out of the cradle… but then roasters let this minority be tasted and cup, now it is a specialty in itself. it is quite difficult to roast due to its silent nature!

kafeido is a macro roastery, we are working to bring the best of coffee, from all over the world to your table we at kafeido, work little different from our roaster friends, that little difference brings our quality in each cup