Flavour Notes

Honey, Orange and Spice

Roast Level

Medium - Dark





Best brewed as - Aeropress, V60, Chai

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Sourced from one of our newest partner farms, Ratnagiri Estate, this coffee gets its naturally complex flavours from Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation - a processing technique where yeast is added to coffee cherries. The unique floral flavours that this process yields include black tea, green apple, honey and coffee blossom. This coffee is heavy bodied with a long, sweet aftertaste, and is recommended for manual brewing.

Our Producer Series is a celebration of our coffee producers’ commitment to innovation and quality. This series celebrates our highest scoring coffees grown on nano lots, created by some of India's most visionary producers experimenting with innovative processing techniques. All of our unique, limited edition coffees are lightly roasted to preserve and highlight their complexity of flavour.


Blue Tokai started roasting in 2013