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Medium Light


Red Honey


Single Estate - Hoysala Estate


Best Brewed As - Pourover, Cold Brew, Aeropress

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Just like a Supernova, with each of its blast being extremely bright and super-powerful, this light roasted single origin honey coffee from Hoysala estate is an explosion of flavours with a long, smooth and bright aftertaste.


This particular lot comes from Hoysala Coffee Farms located in Chikmanglur district, Karnataka, India which consists of multiple farms who cultivate coffee in a two tier shade grown setting on a total of 1400 hectares of nutrient-rich land. All the partner farms are collectively managed and production overseen by folks at Hoysala Coffee and Spices.

These cherries were hand picked from 6 year old HDTX Catuai coffee plants, which are grown using weedicide free pesticides that are compliant with UTZ & RFA Standards. The cherries are hand sorted post picking, after which they are air-dried on trays and then sun dried." .


This air dried and red honey processed lot was graded for a bean size of 6 mm and larger. The beans have a green density of 700 g/L, which is very unlikely for beans grown at an altitude of 1000 MASL.

Supernova has been lightly roasted at constant high temperature and closely monitored ROR (rate of rise) for a smooth syrupy body while keeping the fruit attributes and acidity intact. Brew it with an Aeropress for best results.

At Astro Coffee Lab, all our beans are processed and roasted to bring out the maximum flavours from the coffee fruit/cherry. You can find the tasting notes found in each coffee listed on the packs.

We do not add any artificial flavours, chemicals or preservatives to our beans. All coffee is roasted on order and delivered right to your doorstep.