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Single Estate- Gemblary Estate


Best Brewed As - Frenchpress, Cold Brew, Espresso

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This single origin washed coffee from gemblary estate with fruity notes and a finish like milk chocolate is guaranteed to take you on a trip deep into the Milky Way. With many hidden attributes and flavours, each sip of this washed process Indian coffee takes you to a different edge of the galaxy, on an adventure of a lifetime.


Gemblary farms is one of the oldest coffee growing estates in Shevaroy hills and has been producing coffee since before the British colonisation. The farm spreads across 200 acres of highly fertile land and all operations are handled by Senthil, whose family has been farming here over the past 4 generations. This lot is a mix of SLN9, SLN5B and SLN 795 varietal coffee plants. The cherries are handpicked, sorted, after which they are pulped and washed mechanically. The beans are then sun dried on raised beds for approximately two weeks until they reach the optimum moisture level."


It has been super exciting roasting this lot of washed coffee. Grown at 1380 MASL, these beans are dense and hard. They take up high and constant heat to crack and develop. We started with a high charge temperature and let the beans soak before applying more heat.

Milky Way is roasted with an extended Maillard phase building up on body and sweetness and giving it higher complexity. We find this roast to make great espresso shots and produce an amazing cup of Latte.

At Astro Coffee Lab, all our beans are processed and roasted to bring out the maximum flavours from the coffee fruit/cherry. You can find the tasting notes found in each coffee listed on the packs.

We do not add any artificial flavours, chemicals or preservatives to our beans. All coffee is roasted on order and delivered right to your doorstep.